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Engaging kids with innovation & creativity, through hands-on, accessible learning for all

Root does amazing things.

"Our kids and teachers have enjoyed interacting with Root and it’s app.

As a P21 Exemplar school, we incorporate 21st century principles in our lessons. Including Root as a part of our Science or Technology lesson helps children develop key 21st Century skills of Critical Thinking and Creativity.

Root’s easy to follow, simple steps make a child think about the big picture, as well as how to sequentially code to attain the final result."

- Dolly Kalsi, Goddard School of Bethlehem, PA

Robots in the Classroom

Root can be integrated into any subject's curriculum, providing a hands-on approach to content delivery. When given the opportunity to combine 21st century tech skills with their new knowledge, students' engagement sky rockets and imaginations soar.

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