Root Robot

A little robot with a lot of possibilities. Root helps you learn, play, and explore using your imagination.

What Root can do


unique artwork by lifting and dropping any marker or pen


colors to follow or react to what you draw


up, down, and around magnetic surfaces


to touch on the four top tap zones


changes in light to react to the environment


up and can glow, blink, and flash a rainbow of colors


motion using an internal accelerometer and gyro


dress up with the whiteboard top


abilities with future accessories


edges to avoid falls


creations on whiteboard surfaces


off objects as you explore using the front soft touch sensors


sounds wirelessly through connected devices


over smooth surfaces while playing, creating and exploring


What you can do with Root

Explore your artistic side

Code Root to draw whatever you can imagine from words and letters to amazing fractal creations. Searching for inspiration? Start with some pre-made code for Explore and make incremental changes to see your artwork grow into something uniquely your own!

Compose music

Transform Root into a musical instrument by coding compositions and robot melodies. Looking for more? Use the scan and play abilities to create a color guitar that plays different notes for each color it sees.

Create Games

Build games using your imagination. Race a friend by coding a Root racer. Turn your tablet or phone into a controller and use Root’s color sensors to get boosts or slow down.

Blast off with your imagination

Use the magnetic attachment points on top of Root to attach your own 3D printed creations. Code Root's marker holder to make your creations come to life!

Become a serious problem solver

The only coding companion that grows with you from pre-readers through high school. Problem solving is as easy as 1, 2, 3.