Code with Root

With both a freestyle coding mode and a learning mode, our app will keep your child engaged and learning with Root for years to come.

Progressively challenging

Root is the only coding companion that grows with your child. Problem solving challenges slowly build in complexity as you progress through levels 1, 2, and 3.

Dragon! Level 1 Interface Level 1 Interface

Level 1: Graphical coding

Graphical blocks teach essential logic skills of coding. Kids problem solve with Root with real code by drawing, playing music, and making games.

Ideal for Ages 4+

  • Events
  • Sequences
  • Priorities
  • Functions
  • Loops
  • States
  • Timing
  • Program Stepping
Level 1 Interface

Level 2: Hybrid coding

Level 2 gives kids more control of the code with a more detailed interface. The hybrid drag and drop language builds computational fluency.

Ideal for Ages 7+

  • Variables
  • Flow Control
  • Sensor Values
  • Units
  • Operations
  • Timing
  • Parallelism
Level 1 Interface

Level 3: Full text coding

Advancing to Level 3 allows you to solve problems and learn the syntax and structure of professional coding languages in Swift. Python and JavaScript coming soon!

Ideal for Ages 12+

  • Swift
  • Syntax
  • Advanced Flow Control Statements

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