About Us

Our mission is to make learning to code accessible to any age. We believe robots are the best way to engage in the journey of how digital stuff really works. And our promise is to make learning this way as easy as opening an app.

Our Story


The idea for Root was formed and incubated when cofounders Zee Dubrovsky (formerly with Sonos, iRobot), Raphael Cherney (formerly with Apple, Microsoft), and Harvard University computer science Professor Radhika Nagpal were working together at Harvard University's Wyss Institute.

After successfully piloting and refining Root in homes and classrooms, in 2016 Root Robotics was seeded with nearly $400k through Kickstarter by the support of over 1,800 backers. TLP Investment Partners later led Root Robotics's Series Seed financing round and they were joined by Resolute Ventures, Dream Incubator, Coding & Play, and Harmony Capital.

In tandem with the Series Seed financing, Root Robotics has secured a worldwide licensing agreement with Harvard University’s Office of Technology Development for exclusive use of Root’s technology and its unique programming interface. 
Current coding robots have limits on what can actually be done with the hardware, leaving kids not knowing what to do next and ultimately making their robots shelfware. Root is ready to draw, erase, play music, and recognize its surroundings using over 50 sensors and actuators—and promises to create learning opportunities that will last years. Root will be the first robot to engage students with coding experiences from kindergarten to college.

Root Robotics is newly located near Porter Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Parents and educators in the Cambridge area can make an appointment to take Root for a test spin in person.